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2005: DynITEC successfully finished the development of the Remote Controlled Initiation System (RCIS). The system consists of three devices: the control unit, the receiver and the electric or electronic detonators.

2005: DynITEC extends its line of detonators and offers now the electric detonators ZP81 and ZP71. In the past these detonators were produced by EMS-PATVAG AG, Switzerland.

In addition to the broad range of its electric and nonelectric program of detonators, DynITEC offers now the complete range of electric detonators based on bridgewire technology (ZP71 family) and thin metal film technology (ZP81 family). Detonators in thin metal film technology are extremely shock resistant and have short reaction times. All customers of EMS-PATVAG will be served from now on by DynITEC without delay in the same quality. Further improvements and developments of these products are planned.

2002: DynITEC GmbH has taken over the business on military initiation technology and energetic compounds from Dynamit Nobel on October 1, 2002. Based on the experience in handling energetic materials at Troisdorf site since decades it is our aim to guarantee the supply of these products to the defence industry in Europe .
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