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Electronic Detonator (ESK3)

The transmitter COMBIFIRE and both receiver types (RU2 and FAE) support the firing of bridgewire detonators and the ignition of electronic detonators ESK3 alternatively.

The electronic detonator ESK3 is the result of the newest development in the area of military electronic detonators.

The greatest advantage of this detonator type is its safety against any stray currents, radar radiation or other electromagnetic interference (EMI) and its safety against misuse. It cannot be fired simply by a battery or other electric sources.

This safety characteristic is achieved by the necessity of a special code in addition to energy.

The main features are:

highest safety against electromagnetic interference (Radar)
especially suited for EOD and special operations
safe against unauthorized use. Besides energy this detonator needs a coded signal for its initiation. This is the key for its safety.
strength: Number 8 cap (like DM 42)

The detonator ESK3 can be connected to the receiver RU2 or FAE or directly to the Combifire. In both cases one ESK3 can be fired over a standard wire to a distance up to 8 km.

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