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Remote Controlled Initiation System (RCIS)
Time Controlled Initiation System (TCIS)
Electronic Detonator (ESK3)

Electronic Initiation Systems

DynITEC is one of the most experienced manufacturers of explosive devices and energetic components for military systems.

In addition DynITEC offers now complete initiation systems for very different areas of initiation applications in the army, air force, navy and police employments:

Remote Controlled Initiation System RCIS
for wireless blasting operations in EOD and special operations
Time Controlled Initiation System TCIS
for time controlled blasting operations in EOD and special operations under water

Electronic Detonator ESK3
used in all military blasting operations where safety against any ElectroMagneticInterference or against unauthorized use has to be garanteed

These systems are based directly on the demands of their users in the field and on our specific experience in the areas of physics, chemistry and electronics.

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