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Remote Controlled Initiation System (RCIS)

The Remote Controlled Initiation System (RCIS) is designed for special military blasting operations and EOD.

The RCIS consists of three devices:

control unit COMBIFIRE
receiver FAE (single use version) or RU2 (reusable version)

electric detonator (DM 42) or
electronic detonator (ESK3)

The reusable receiver RU2 is favourable for training or in operations, where it is protected from the load by distance or barriers.

Both receiver types have in common the control unit “Combifire”. This Combifire acts as transmitter for radio operated blasting operations, but can also be used as electronic exploder (blasting machine) for wire bounded blasting operations. It is designed for both detonator types: conventional bridgewire detonators, like the German DM 42, and the electronic detonator ESK3.

The RCIS is supplied in a robust transport- and storage case which is suitable for transport by air. In this special case all necessary spare parts, antennas, descriptions and replacement batteries are stored.

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