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Time Controlled Initiation System (TCIS)

The Time Controlled Initiation System (TCIS) is a development of DynITEC and represents a high-tech alternative to time fuses currently in use. The time fuse ZAG is destined to the destruction of all types of munitions without the use of cables. It is most favourable for EOD applications under water but also for use in classical EOD. Due to its easy handling the time spent at the object and the risk of EOD personnel is substantially reduced.

Also army and airforces see various applications for this Time Fuse.

The system ZAS consists of the following devices and assemblies:

Time Fuse ZAG
Detonator with plug connection

Time setting device COMBIFIRE as program unit

The time fuse ZAG consists of a non-magnetic housing accommodating the complete assembly. The ZAG is absolute non-magnetic according to STANAG 2897, class A.. It is waterproof down to a depth of 60 m. A handle retained by a safety pin serves as activating element.

The ZAG has a interface consisting of a plug to program the required delay time with the time setting device COMBIFIRE. This plug is also used to connect the detonator.

The ZAG can be programmed with a time from 11 minutes up to 24 hours. The delay time can be entered as real time (e.g. 12:01 o’clock) or as differential time in minutes (e.g. 45 min).The time is entered by the operator via menu.

During the delay time the output stage is safe. One minute before ignition the output stage will be started and armed.

The detonator for the ZAG is modified electric detonator like the German DM 42 with a plug connector, to guarantee a easy handling under water without cables .

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